Become an Authorized Reseller: Arrivly Partner Program

Grow Your Business With bestseller Products From Arrivly

Become one of the first authorized sellers of Germany’s renowned Arrivly cases and screen protectors. Apply for Our Reseller Partner Program Today!

Advantages of Becoming a Reseller

Authorization to Resell Arrivly Products

When you become an Arrivly partner, you are among a select group of companies/individuals authorized to procure our products from and resell them to your clients.

Healthy Margins

Our resellers enjoy a win-win relationship – we offer a generous discount to reward and protect our partners, for being the first to bring our products into a net new opportunity.

Industry-Specific Resources

Arrivly partners have exclusive access to content and resources, product literature, online resources, and more from our marketing staff to jump-start your selling efforts.

We Strive to Deliver the Best Quality with The Most Affordable Price Experience the Difference with Arrivly (optional)

Inspired by the undeniable need to have unfailing protection, Arrivly was born out of curiosity, innovation and a lot of love. We get pure satisfaction out of trying to create something uniquely simple, yet undeniably necessary for the most enjoyable experience our customer could possibly have. We focus on constantly developing new, innovative functions to our products, with the goal of simplifying everyday life for people on the move. Smartphones and smart gadgets have become one of the most, if not the most, important and inseparable tools in everyday life, and its growing role in people’s day-to-day lives requires functional and fashionable protection.

Our simple goal is to be one of the leading brands of mobile accessories by ensuring that each of our products are crafted to perfection and loved by our customers as much as their favorite device it envelopes.

Arrivly products are designed in Germany, a country very well known for its powerful economy, delicious food and beer, and rich culture, with a population that has an extraordinary respect for tradition, history and humanity. And more importantly its famous Outstanding German quality. German products have an outstanding reputation throughout the world, as they stand up to the highest standard of quality, craftsmanship and design. So it’s no wonder that Germany is one of the world’s most successful exporters.

At Arrivly we strive to live up to this benchmark by delivering the highest quality in all that we do. Every stitch, every small detail from the process of making our handcrafted cases to our environmentally-friendly, carbon-neutral materials is synched to precision. Every produce is in line with European standards and guidelines and is extensively quality tested before delivery.

Our revolutionary luxury cases have been very well received in Germany and we want to bring the same feeling of relaxed protection to the world. Today we work with a number of distributors and resellers, primarily in Germany, but we are rapidly growing around the globe - and we are always aiming to expand our reach and create new partnerships. We are looking for stores, chains, distributors, bloggers, individuals from all over the world, that would be interested in bringing in our products in their assortment or independently selling our merchandise.

How do You Apply to Join the Arrivly Partner Program?

If you are interested in becoming a reseller or would like further information about our program, its benefits and appropriate partner program matches based on your business needs and capabilities, feel free to contact us.