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8 Proven Tips on How to Protect Your Laptop in a Backpack from Damage

Which one would you choose if you had only one option, scratches on your body or your laptop? This is not a crazy question. With this question, I try to understand your connectivity level with your...

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Your Step-by-Step Guide on How to Replace a Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Unfortunately, phone screen protectors don’t last forever. They also need to be replaced when they are cracked or scratched. Many users think they are unable to change it and always ask for h...

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From Metal to Plastic to Glass: Are Glass Phones More Fragile?

Do you have an eye on beautifully arranged devices at mobile stores? Yes, me too! Let's agree not all of us dare to buy glass-backed phones. We are afraid they will get crushed immediately afte...

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Comparing Samsung's Galaxy A52 vs Galaxy A72: What's The Difference?

Samsung lovers, the new range of Galaxy A series is here!

This year on March 17, Samsung launched three new smartphone models: the Galaxy A52, Galaxy A52 5G, and Galaxy A72 that are part...

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10 Reasons Why Your iPhone is Not Charging Wirelessly (With Fixes!)

Is your battery low and your iPhone doesn’t want to get changed wirelessly? Don’t panic and throw your wireless charger into the trash: there must be a reason for that. Don’t give...

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How To Apply and Care for Your Screen Protector

Do you also think that phone screen protectors are one of the most frustrating accessories that we have? Applying them properly is a big challenge for phone owners. The small bubbles between the ph...

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Mother's Day Gift Guide for the Modern-Day Moms of 2021

“No need for presents! My best gift is you!”  always tell the mothers when they are asked about the gifts they would prefer. Don’t follow their sweet rejections! It is their...

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How To Choose The Best Laptop Bag

The laptop bag is one of the most essential items to have nowadays. This accessory has practical and visual benefits. After purchasing an expensive laptop, you shouldn't save money to protect i...

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Protection Just Isn't Enough: The Modern Role of the Protective Phone Cases

Phone cases for Nokia 3310- sounds funny, right? These phones were so strong that you could not break them even intentionally. During the time, the role of the phones was changed, resulting in the...

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