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Why Does Your Phone Get Hot? Reasons Why and How To Fix It

We all have experienced the great evolution of phones. We went from brick cell phones that barely fit into our pocket to tiny devices that might get lost easily in our pockets or bags. Nowadays sma...

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Should You Upgrade to iPhone 12? If Yes, Which Model Is the Best

Since its first demonstration in 2007, Apple has launched several new models of the iPhone, which have become an addiction for many Smartphone users. The phone is widely preferred because...

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How to Clean Your Smartphone and Its Case

We always touch our phones, which were in contact with different places and have millions of bacteria on them. Phones are usually considered one of the dirtiest things that we have close contact wi...

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Apple MagSafe: Is Magnetic Wireless Charging The Future?

When it comes to chargers we all are a bit picky. We prefer to have a quality charger despite its price. Some of you might be familiar with Magsafe. Introduced in 2006, MagSafe was a wireless charg...

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Gift Guide for 2020: Best Holiday Gift Ideas

Choosing the right present for the boss, family member, and a friend is one of the biggest issues that we all face during the holidays. We don’t want to buy something that will be eaten by du...

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Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30) Series Release Date, Price, Features, Specs and Leaks

For years, the Galaxy S-series smartphones from Samsung have been equipped with high-quality, innovative functions and the new 2021 models are expected to do the same. The Galaxy S20 series will re...

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The Evolution of Apple's iPhone

Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our lives: they connect us with friends and family, help us stay organized, provide us with entertainment and keep us updated. Although there are thou...

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Apple iPhone 12: Gerüchte, Leaks, Features, Release, Daten, Größe, Modelle, Schutzhüllen

Neues iPhone 12 – Ist ein großes Thema in das Jahr 2020. Apple wird das Smartphone in September 2020 und zeigen. Das Hauptmerkmal wird wir ein Model mit 4 Kameras hinter benannt. ...

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