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Arrivly is one of Germany’s leading smartphone accessory providers for lovers of simplicity and exceptional protection. Arrivly products are made with premium materials, pristine craftsmanship and impressive attention to detail. Rare yet incredibly simple Arrivly cases are crafted from real materials, like walnut wood, plush alcantara or eco-leather, which means every single case is 100% unique and environmentally friendly.

It’s a challenge to complement an already perfectly-made smartphone but we are here for it and offering you our idea of a perfectly crafted protection. We strive to create something uniquely simple, yet undeniably necessary for the most enjoyable experience our customer could possibly have.

So whether you’re a tech writer, a beauty blogger, an influencer or an adventure enthusiast, we would love to work with you as an affiliate marketing partner.

How Our Affiliate Partner Program Works

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Choose the best affiliate model based on your specific business needs and goals.
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Create your affiliate links and point them to our site. Then optimize based on what converts best.
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Do you want to promote our best-selling smartphone accessories on your website, blog or social media? Our affiliate program offers you everything you need to share our unique products, which you are going to love, btw, with your audience and earn hefty commissions for it.

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  1. Highly competitive commission rates of up to 10%
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  3. Information about our latest campaigns, industry trends and new product releases
  4. 30 days of cookie life - you get credit for any orders within 30 days of the original click placed by customer
  5. Shipping, billing, customer service all handled by Arrivly
  6. Constant promotions to attract new customers
  7. Free products to create content for promoting on your socials or your website
  8. Bonus for exceeding 100 sales in 1st month
  9. No hidden fees to join
  10. Amazing customer service for our Affiliate partners

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